German Championship 08 - 3th Place for Lasse Schneppenheim - Juniors Freestyle

Underground erfolgreich
Underground erfolgreich

I'm back from the German Championship and the Kitesurftrophy 08 in St. Peter-Ording.  And first of all: Yes Dudes, I made the third place in the "Juniors"

It was a very nice Event and it was great to see all the other guys again, although  the last time wasn't long time ago.

So the first day, there was "no wind".

Tim Kummerfeld, Christian Brill and the other guys took me to a "secret spot" for east-wind. Its was great. The wind was offshore, and there was no wave. It was warm and I was able to ride for 4 hours in my boardshort. I just did all my wakestyletricks, grabbed back to blind, switch to blidn and so on.

The next day we started Race but just for women and men. But in the evening there was a huge tide-way and we all were able to do our best tricks in front of the viewers. I made some huge double-Sbends and a grabbed back to blind. Also I made a very nice backmobe, but I didnt land it. The wind was perfect for my 10.

The next day the single elimintaion in freestyle started. I lost against Tim Kummerfeld in the second heat. Stefan was able to get up to the second place.

In the evening I went very tired and sick. So I wasn't able to make party. I slept for 10 hours and at Sunday I was still a little bit sick and tired.

However, the double elimination started. And I went on further and further until I had my heat for the third place against Florian Staben. I won.

The next heat was against Felix Sorou. I lost my board after 3 minutes and the tide took it under the restaurant there. So I lost.

Tim was able to beat Felix again with a huge and impressive L3, so he made the first place. I feel very happy for my Teammate Tim Kummerfeld. Congratulation.


Stefan Permien lost against Mario Rodwald so he made the second place. However it's a big thing and that's awesome. Of course, Congratulation for Mario.


For the women it was very exciting again but in the end Sabrina Lutz was able to keep her title as the german champion.

Nice one Sabrina.


For me, the third place in the "Juniors" is very cool. It is my first year in the KST and my first german championship. The conditions were very hard, but I gave the best and won a lot of heats. It was awesome. Also the tricks at the Juniors go on and on. Al lot of people can do backmobe, Kgb, Kiteloophandlepass  and Slimchance. So it's not very easy anymore.


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    heinz (Monday, 04 August 2008 13:15)

    hey lasse, herzlichen glückwunsch nochmal...
    du hast super gekämpft, toll !!

  • #2

    frank&sanja (Monday, 04 August 2008 13:29)

    hallo lasse, auch von uns herzlichen glückwunsch! fotos!! :-)

  • #3

    tim (Tuesday, 05 August 2008 18:11)

    that was a fuckin' epic weekend duuude ;) hast am sonntag ja nochmal richtig aufs gaspedal gedrückt!

  • #4

    klaus schneppenheim (Sunday, 14 December 2008 03:48)

    Glückwunsch zu dem tollen Resultat !

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